Our definition of a technology/innovation client is a business that is developing or commercializing an innovative product, solution or service by engineering intellectual property (IP). They have a large enough addressable market and a scalable business model. They also strive to learn through coaching and mentoring.  

What We Do and Who We Are:

Tech Team Brochure


Processes We Use:

The Idaho SBDC’s Tech Team uses the Lean Startup Process and Business Model Canvas to help technology clients create and execute viable business models.

Introductions to the Lean Startup Process and business model canvas can be found at the following links:

Udacity – How to Build a Startup

Strategyzer – Business Model Canvas

( download a larger version here )

For the technology/innovation info-graphic, click here.


The SBIR/STTR program provides grant funding for small business to pursue research and development. To find out more about those programs please click on the links below.

Program Overview – click here for the PDF.

SBIR/STTR – America’s Largest Technology Seed Fund – click here for the PDF.

Phase Zero Incentive Program – click here for the PDF.

SBIR/STTR website – http://sbir.govSBIR Gateway

SBIR Self-Assessment

Answer the questions below to gauge whether your company is ready to pursue SBIR/STTR funding.

Small Business

  • Does your business meet the SBIR/STTR requirements for size, annual revenue, and ownership limitations and restrictions?
  • Will the proposed work be conducted in the United States?

The Need

  • How does the proposed technology address an existing need in the field of interest?
  • Has the need for the technology or application of technology been identified and quantified? (Measuring the need for the technology requires research of current scientific resources.)
  • Have you identified the end users of your technology?

Technological Innovation

  • Is the technology state-of-the-art?
  • How does it compare to existing or alternate technologies?


  • Is the ability of the principal investigator (PI) clearly established through his or her education and research/work background?
  • Do you need staff with expertise in the technological field of interest to perform the proposed work effort beyond the PI?
  • What particular skill set or level of expertise can each staff member contribute to the project?
  • Does your PI meet the statutory employment requirements of the SBIR and STTR programs?


  • What specific objectives of the project can be completed in six months for $100,000?
  • Have you outlined an action plan with task-specific due dates and personnel in charge of each task?
  • Have alternative technologies or methods for using the proposed technology been identified?


  • Have you conducted a review of scientific literature related to the proposed project?
  • Have you studied sample SBIR/STTR proposals?
  • Have you reviewed the specific SBIR/STTR program criteria for each federal agency of interest?
  • Do the aims of your proposal match with agency missions?
  • Have you investigated previous SBIR/STTR awards given to companies that have conducted similar research in the past? (Searching through previous award winners can reveal specific areas of interest for each federal agency.)


  • Where do you intend to market your product?
  • What is the potential size of the customer market? Approximately how many people will benefit from this product?
  • What kind of relationships have you developed with potential customers?
  • Who are the potential competitors in the market? Who are potential partners?
  • What steps have you taken towards intellectual property (IP) protection?

Funding Potential

  • Does the project have the potential to receive additional funding by angel groups, venture capitalists, or other sources?


  • Has the technological innovation been reviewed by outside sources to evaluate its potential?

Proposed Benefits

  • What are the anticipated commercial and societal benefits of the proposed activity?
  • If the objectives of the project are achieved, how will scientific knowledge be enhanced?