This section should include your company’s organizational structure, details about ownership, information about the management team, and information about advisors and board of directors.

Organizational Structure

An effective approach for this section may be to create an organizational chart that shows your company’s functional areas (for example: sales, service, manufacturing), reporting hierarchy, and key positions with names of employees in roles.


Details provided about ownership should include: Name, percentage ownership, form of ownership, and a brief description of involvement in the company.

Management Team

Include a consistent “profile” description for both owners and managers who play key roles in the company. Include: Position with a description of primary responsibilities and authority, education, certifications, expertise, special skills, years with company, prior employment, key achievements, industry recognition, and compensation levels.

Advisors and Directors

Can provide expertise critical to the success of a business and enhance a company’s credibility. If you have advisors and directors provide a brief profile including: Name, background, role / involvement with your company, key contributions.